WEB CM「Panasonic カーナビ Strada」が公開されました!

【小畑貴裕】が音楽を担当した「 Panasonic カーナビ Strada」のWEB CMが公開されました!


Strada ブランドビデオ2020 ~移動を、感動に。~



カーナビ /カーAV | Panasonic


カーナビ CN-F1X10BLD Strada[ストラーダ] | Panasonic


カーナビ CN-F1X10LD Strada[ストラーダ] | Panasonic



[Yuki Hayashi Best Selection (title: TBD)] Would you like to participate in creating a booklet?

[Yuki Hayashi Best Selection (title: TBD)]
Would you like to participate in creating a booklet?


We are happy to announce that [Yuki Hayashi Best Selection (title: TBD)], which includes his notable works from the past 10 years of his career as a composer, will be released!

We plan to release albums containing the main themes of his famous works from both animations and TV dramas.


And… in the celebration of the album release, we are looking for illustrations from the fans!!


We will use the winner’s illustration in the album booklet.
If you would like to participate in creating the album booklet, we are looking forward to receiving your illustrations!



The theme for the illustration is free to choose.
The illustration could be a drawing of Yuki Hayashi, his dogs, or your image for his music…etc.
You can submit multiple of your illustrations as well.


You may choose to draw with or with a background.
*If you win with an illustration with a background, we may ask you to use it without the background. In that case, we would ask you to submit the data with a transparent background.


Age, gender, nationality, or professional/amateur does not matter.


[How to Submit the Data]
Please use a data transfer service online such as GigaFile, etc. which you can send the data via a URL link.
Please send us the URL link to download the data from our company’s “CONTACT” page.


Legendoor Inc. Official Website


[Announcement of the Winner]
We will contact the winner directly first.
Also, we will announce the winner on SNS pages later.


[Submission Deadline]
September 30th (Wed.) 2020, 24:00


[Illustration Format]
・Must be 300dpi or higher.
・The data must be a PNG, JPEG, MDP, or PSD.
・There is no designated size for the illustration.
(The size of the booklet is going to be 12 x 12 cm for the reference.)


[Prize for the Winner]
・We will credit the winner’s name (or the winner’s preferred name) on the album booklet.
・We will mail the physical copy of [Yuki Hayashi Best Selection (title: TBD)] album to the winner.


・Submission of works that include contents that infringe the intellectual property of others is prohibited.
・We do not accept works and titles which have the possibility of infringing privacy, such as using real names, and works that include contents that infringe the copyrights of others, or contents that violate public order and morals.
・Legendoor Inc. will have the full license to use the winner’s illustration, and the winner will be rewarded by having his/her name credited on the booklet and receiving the physical copy of the album.
・Please make sure to hold on to your original data after the submission until the winner’s announcement.


We are looking forward to receiving your illustrations!

Yuki Hayashi & Legendoor Inc.

【林ゆうき ベストセレクション(タイトル未定)】 ブックレット制作に参加してみませんか?

林ゆうき 作家活動約10年の軌跡を詰め込んだ【林ゆうき ベストセレクション(タイトル未定)】の発売が決定いたしました!

















2020年9月30日(水) 24:00


・ 300dpi以上
・ サイズの指定はございません。


・ アルバムブックレットへお名前を掲載(本名またはペンネーム)
・ 【林ゆうき ベストセレクション(タイトル未定)】のCDプレゼント(郵送)


・ 他者の知的財産を侵害する内容を含む作品の応募は禁止いたします。
・ 作品やタイトル等に、実名などプライバシー侵害の恐れのある作品、他人の著作権を侵害する内容が含まれる作品、公序良俗に反する内容などが含まれている作品はお断りします。
・ 当選作品について当選者は、株式会社レジェンドアに対して利用許諾を認め、その対価は当選賞品(アルバムブックレットへお名前掲載および【林ゆうき ベストセレクション(タイトル未定)】のCDプレゼント)をもって充てるものとします。
・ 応募期間終了後から当選者発表までの期間は、必ず元データをお持ちください。




林ゆうき & 株式会社レジェンドア